Sunday, February 27, 2011

And... still learning....

I can't seem to wake up today! I think my brain is just still processing all the information from yesterday and is refusing to allow me to use it for anything else today. We went to the Annual Fragile X Conference in Seattle yesterday, and oh my Gosh! I received so much great, useful information I couldn't believe it! I knew the conference would be helpful, but there were so many times during the lectures that I felt like they were talking about MY child and telling me exactly what to do to help him! It was so great being around other parents of Fragile X children, I can't even describe what it felt like to be able to relate to them on childcare issues, sleeping issues, and celebrating milestones later than other parents. 
One of the speakers at the conference was the Doctor that Logan sees at the Fragile X clinic so it was great knowing her already but still learning new things. The main speaker at the conference, Marcia Braden was AMAZING. She truly understands Fragile X children and how to prevent behavior issues, and teach them in a different way that actually works. She talked about the LOGO reading system which I am so excited to try! One important thing she talked about was that Fragile X children learn best "indirectly". If I tell Logan, "We're going to the store tonight" he's not going to pay attention or possibly not even remember it later on. But if Logan overhears me tell Michael "Logan and I are going to the store tonight", he's going to soak it up and remember it for a LONG time! That was so interesting to me, and it makes perfect sense for some of the things Logan has learned to do that I have said I never showed him how to do. He  watched me do it and learned better than if I had directly shown him. Very interesting! Marcia Braden has a website that has DVD's and educational tools available:
I have so many notes and information from yesterday that I feel armed for whatever may come our way on our journey with Fragile X. Overall a really good day!

Well Logan is up from his nap now and is trying to close my laptop so I guess that means I'm done with this post! I just had to post about the conference and how much it helped me.

Scratch that, Logan found his shoe so he'll be distracted for a few minutes trying to put it on and take it off his foot. Haha!

Logan is officially a climber now! He's been able to climb on and off the couch for awhile now, but he's never attempted to climb on anything he's not supposed to! I just couldn't bear to tell him to get down when we found him here:
And here's Logan, USING HIS POINTER FINGER! I work on this with him whenever I can. When he's pushing a button on a toy, he uses his thumb and I always switch it to his pointer which he has shown NO interest in using. But I found him using it, and THANK GOODNESS the water dispenser was LOCKED!

How could I almost forget to mention that he copied Mommy and Daddy and can now DIP his food! Daddy always dips his food in ranch, and I showed Logan one time using hand-over-hand, and Logan did this:
(And for those of you shaking your head at me for allowing my child to eat such a horrible thing as FAST FOOD, I promise this is a VERY RARE occurance!)

Just lounging around:
Just in case you can't tell from this photo, Logan is NOT okay with hats! I can't figure out if it's because it's covering his ears, or just the feel of it on his head, or if it's because he thinks he can't get it off. Either way, this new hat is a NO GO.
I just can't get over how TALL Logan is! He's 38.5 inches tall which is in the 90th percentile for height, and 35 pounds which is also 90th percentile. He's always been 90th percentile for height & weight since he was born! Remember that he was a 9 pounder! haha!

This picture is very bittersweet to me. This toy was a present from his Auntie Samantha for his birthday, and I brought it out for the first time recently. I spun him around a few times and he was CRACKING UP! It was the cutest thing ever. He absolutely loved it. But when he tried to do it on his own, you can see the frustration on his face:

The poor guy wanted to do it himself so badly :(
We'll just continue working on his motor planning and the pushing and pulling he would need to do for this toy.
But for now, this is a toy that we'll just play with together. Mommy will spin him as much as his lil heart desires! Because of his sensory issues, Logan for some reason doesn't get dizzy. He actually craves that vestibular input all the time.

Well now that I have all my thoughts organized for the day, it's snack time for Logan! Be back again soon!


  1. Great post and great news! Logan is so smart to have picked you for a mommy and you are so lucky to have such a cutie! There are gifts that we as special needs parents get, like celebrating every milestone and taking nothing for granted. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you so much Kathy! I appreciate all of your encouraging words :)

  3. Logan is adorable! I love the video and how you and your husband are cheering for him. The little triumphs mean a lot, don't they? I am glad you got a chance to go to a FX conference. Now you'll have to plan on going to the international conference in Miami, FL in 2012!


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