Monday, April 11, 2011

We're on a Roll!

After the day Logan had today, I just had to come post about it so I remember it all later. He was totally on a roll today! He woke up VERY early, so I was afraid it would be a hard day for him. It was the exact opposite though. 

Logan brought me a crayon and a piece of paper from his toy box. This is VERY exciting for 2 reasons. 1- He knew that he would need BOTH a crayon and a piece of paper to be able to color, and successfully found both of those things on his own. 2- He is interested in coloring! Oh and I'm going to add a 3rd reason- he was able to communicate very clearly to me what he wanted to do, he didn't whine and "hope" I would figure it out. He knew that if he brought the items to me, he'd get to color. I am so amazed/proud/excited/happy for him! 

I got Logan setup at the dining table with all of his crayons and paper. He has scribbled once or twice before, but quickly loses interest in it. I was curious to see what he would do. He was holding the crayon, and adjusted it so it was straight up and down, and tapped it on the paper a few times. Then he took my hand, and put the crayon in between my fingers so I was holding it up and down too. I colored a little bit, and set the crayon down. Logan picked it up, made sure it was up and down again, and tapped it all over the paper. Then he took my hand and put the crayon in between my fingers again. This time, I started at one corner of the paper and drew a long line, diagonal to the other corner of the paper. Then set the crayon down. Logan picked up the crayon, and drew a long line! He was copying, and taking turns, and concentrating on a structured activity, oh my goodness I was shocked! We took turns coloring for a few minutes, then I could tell Logan wanted to get down from the chair. I said "Okay Logan, we need to clean up then we can be all done" and did the sign for all done. Most of his crayons had rolled onto the floor, so I started picking them up, and putting them in their bag. Logan immediately started picking up the crayons and putting them in the bag too. Logan helped clean up! I stared at my child for a second, woah, wait, where did all this maturity come from?!

The paperwork we were given about preparing Logan for developmental preschool had talked about teaching him to clean up after an activity, getting him used to "table work", and being able to stick with more structured activities. I think Logan secretly read that paperwork because HE is the one who suddenly showed he can do all these things! I guess he really wants to go to preschool! :)

Logan also figured out how to put his socks all the way on his feet today. He could do it about halfway before, but today he found a sock in the laundry pile and pulled it all the way on like a little pro! Which reminds me, the other day I was folding laundry, and Logan picked out 2 of HIS socks (there were Mommy socks and Daddy socks in there too, but he somehow knew to pick out his) and got them about halfway on his feet! I am still perplexed about how he didn't have a daddy sock and a Logan sock or anything, it was 2 Logan socks. 

Logan is starting to show he understands more words now. He definitely understands "bye bye" and "night night" among a few others. During bathtime tonight, I asked if he was all done and did the sign "all done". He stood up and raised his arms up and was lifting one leg as if he was about to climb right out of the tub. He knew exactly what I was talking about. He has little bath paints, and they have a lid that you twist to get on/off and he figured out how to both put the lid on all the way, but also how to twist the other way to get it back off.  I asked if he wants to brush his teeth, and again when he saw the toothbrush he opened his mouth and let me brush his teeth. Every night this week he's been okay with the toothbrush! He has been fighting this for as long as he's had teeth and suddenly he decided he's just fine with it! I think he just likes keeping Mommy on her toes. When I think I have him all figured out, he does a complete 180.

Maybe he's more confident, and willing to show me what he actually knows because I let him run around naked a lot this weekend? LOL! I could not keep clothes on this kid! At one point, he had stripped down naked, and was standing in front the front window just watching the neighborhood like he was "King of the Castle". It was SO cute and hilarious- until he peed all over the carpet. He surprised himself when he saw the pee and started turning around in a circle hahaha! Okay yes it was still cute at that point, definitely worth scrubbing the carpet.

Logan had a very, very good day today. I don't really know why he suddenly showed me all these new things, I think part of it is that he hasn't had any digestive issues lately. He seems to be more active and feeling more energetic. It could be just that Logan has been observing more than I realize and was finally ready to show me. I don't know, but I am one happy and proud mama! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Continuing our Journey

I've been slacking on updating this! I decided today was the day, so I poured myself a cup of coffee, and here I am. Looking at a blank post. I start thinking back to everything that's been going on since my last entry. Logan got his glasses, then Logan broke his glasses LOL... Logan's new OT/PT and Speech therapists came to the house and met Logan... we've started preparing Logan for his big preschool adventure which starts in September... Logan has learned how to put on his socks by himself, and has started allowing me to brush his teeth! It's been a successful few weeks! 

You know how they say everything happens for a reason? I'm a firm believer in that. Here's why. 

Michael's mother and 2 sisters (a 4 yr old and an 8 yr old) had been planning to come from out of state and spend a weekend with us here at the house. Always so great to see them, but it's not very often we get to! I was a little worried about Logan though, he does NOT like people coming into "HIS" house! Even people he knows and loves. The same day that our visitors are set to arrive, I get the call that Logan's new glasses are ready for pickup. It's a Friday, so if I don't go get them that day, we would have to wait another weekend and I'm anxious to see how he does with them. While Michael goes to pickup his mom and sisters, I take Logan to get the glasses. I am less than impressed with the eye clinic though. The male eye doctor has Logan sit on my lap, and without warning goes at Logan's face with the glasses. Logan shrinks back, and his index finger goes straight to his mouth which means, NOT OKAY! I ask the doctor to hold on a sec and let me put the glasses on Logan for the first time. The doctor persists though, and says "He'll be fine". Really? REALLY?! I'm sorry, I thought I was his mom. I didn't realize he was YOUR SON. Anyway, he quickly puts the frames on Logan and tries to adjust them, Logan immediately rips them off. I try to grab them to put them on him, the eye doctor beats me to it and puts them back on. :sigh: he just won't learn. He quickly marks the glasses and adjusts them, then hands them to me. "When he's okay with wearing them, come back for a proper adjustment" and nods towards the door. Um, excuse me, he's TWO, never worn glasses, I've never worn glasses, and you have NO suggestions on how to try to get him to wear them? No tips, no tricks, no anything? I grab the glasses and walk out the door. Some people should NOT work with children!

I put the glasses on Logan in the van before we leave, and am able to snap a quick picture before he ripped them off. I post this to my Facebook right away, and I couldn't believe how much encouragement and support we received! I didn't realize how much I needed it right then, but we definitely got it!

We get home and Michael arrives with his mother and his sisters. Logan is BEYOND excited to see them. He immediately starts jumping up and down, smiling, and laughing! They adore Logan, so they were more than willing to run around and let him chase after them, jumping and laughing the whole way. This is how the whole weekend went, Logan was in heaven chasing his aunties around. I'm sure his little cheeks hurt from smiling so much. They entertained him constantly, and we realized at the end of the weekend that Logan wore his glasses the WHOLE time! There were a couple times he took them off, but his 4 year old Auntie Jessica was more than willing to come tell us right away.

On to my point of "everything happens for a reason". How perfect was it, that the same weekend Logan was starting a brand new adventure of wearing glasses, his 2 favorite aunties were already scheduled to come play all weekend? They distracted him the whole time, so he didn't even realize he had these strange new things called glasses on his face. I thought because of his sensory issues he wouldn't get used to glasses touching his face and his ears, but he was perfectly happy and okay with it thanks to the girls. Everything most certainly does happen for a reason, if you ask me.

Since we moved into a different city and county at the beginning of the year, we decided to switch therapy centers. Logan met his new OT a couple weeks ago, and it went great! At first he was upset that somebody was coming into his house, but after just a few minutes he was perfectly happy with her! The following week the speech therapist came to meet Logan, and he liked her too. This is a huge relief, because Logan never got used to his home teacher we had before, and would spend the majority of the hour she was there, chewing on his finger and humming. We will be taking Logan to a play group once a week at the therapy center, as soon as his FRC finds a group appropriate for him. Speaking of his FRC, she gave me some paperwork about how to prepare Logan for preschool. In the next few weeks we will be finding out which elementary school he will be going to, and Michael and I can go check out their preschool classes. I know I should be thinking about this a little bit more, but I tear up every time I think about Logan wearing a little backpack, being picked up by the bus (which is optional, but still a possibility) and being at school for 2-3 hours every day- without me! What happened to my little 9 pound newborn baby boy?! :sigh: I know it's a reality, and not thinking about it doesn't mean it won't happen. Logan will have to be tested to be sure he qualifies for the developmental preschool, but nobody has mentioned that they don't think he'll qualify. I knew that the Birth to 3 program wouldn't be all he needed, but it's still hard to swallow that he's still needing therapy. I don't know which is harder to accept- the fact that Logan will soon be old enough for the preschool program, or the fact that my son needs the developmental preschool program at all.

We'll get through the preschool adventure just like we've gotten through everything else on our journey so far. This isn't the journey through motherhood I had planned, but when my sweet Logan smiles at me it reminds me that this is right where I'm supposed to be.
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