Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Reflections :)

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the mommies out there! Especially to my own mom. She is a strong, caring, funny, unique woman and I love her so much! I've always been close to my mom, but after having my own child I realized how much I appreciate and respect my mom. She raised 4 of us children, 2 boys and 2 girls! She was definitely a busy, devoted mother, to say the least. <3

I have been working on a few Mother's Day projects, so I have had to go to shopping at craft stores a bit more than usual. I could stay in a scrapbook store ALL day if I had the time, one of my favorite places in the world to be. Logan had to go with me the last couple of times, and oh my goodness I think my love of scrapbooking will now have to be strictly an online thing. Logan now starts getting upset before we even get into the store! He used to love sitting in the cart, looking at all the people and all the new sights all around him. Not anymore! Now he has perfected this VERY loud and attention grabbing scream/whine, and nothing I do calms him down. I've gotten more stares lately than if I were shopping in a bathrobe with fuzzy slippers on and rollers in my hair. I've tried snacks, toys, having my mom with me to help distract him, nothing works. I pulled him out of the cart to see if he would do better walking, and he proceeded to stomp his feet, clench his fists, and plop down on the ground to scream at me. That pretty much ended my shopping list for that day.

Logan is just growing too fast, and developing his own opinions and "plans" every day. He is copying everything we do, and learning so much! When I am getting the dinner plates out, Logan goes into the silverware drawer and takes 1 little fork out, it's the cutest thing. It's really smart of him though, he does this before I get the silverware out so he is thinking ahead, and knows we need the fork, well forks haha, and he knows which drawer the silverware is in. Makes me smile every time! We've been working on Logan being able to spoon feed himself, and he can do it, but will he? No. He'll do it as long as I have a even just one finger touching his hand while he brings the spoon or fork to his mouth. He'll grab the spoon, then grab my hand and put it on his. It's pretty exciting to know that hopefully soon he'll be able to completely feed himself though! :)

We're still working on the whole glasses issue, he is just flat refusing to wear them. I put them on, and he looks up and smiles at me, then before I can blink his glasses are on the floor. He knows they're supposed to be on his face though, and he tries to put them back on. I put them back on, and he takes them back off. We've tried clapping while he's wearing them (he lives for applause), doesn't work. We've tried saying "uh oh" when he takes them off, to show it's a negative thing to take them off, doesn't work. I don't wear glasses, but I've tried putting my sunglasses on the same time I put his glasses on, to show that he's like Mommy, and he takes his glasses off then tries to take mine off too. I tried putting them on, then turning on the tv to his favorite show and saying "glasses on, tv on!" and when he takes them off, then I say "uh oh, glasses off, tv off" and shutting it off. He started just handing the glasses to me to put them on so the tv would turn on. But.... then he would just take them right off again. We ordered a strap that goes around the back of his head from a website that had great reviews, but it didn't even slow Logan down. Glasses off. We're stumped now! Oh and what's funny, is that he'll find my sunglasses and wear those no problem! 

Luckily, Logan has an appointment at the Fragile X Clinic this upcoming week. We go to this clinic every 3 or 4 months, and the doctor always has GREAT ideas for us, no matter what issues we bring up. I'm hoping she'll be able to help get Logan to wear his glasses. I always get pretty nervous before we go there for some reason though. The same day that we go to the FX clinic, we have Logan's Family Resource Coordinator and a representative from the elementary school coming out to the house to discuss Logan's developmental preschool plans. Since he'll be 3 in August, he's starting preschool in September. I can definitely say I'm NOT looking forward to this meeting, and I'm pretty sure I'll have my tissues ready. I still haven't been able to think about Logan going to preschool without tearing up. So I just don't think about it. That always works, right?

Other than these appointments coming up that I'm not too excited about, life is good! Logan got a new swing from the Easter bunny, and he loves loves LOVES it. He also got a new exercise ball, and he has a blast with that. He is still coloring, and reading his books, and getting into EVERYTHING, trying to do everything that Mommy and Daddy do. He makes us laugh every single day, and this little guy smiles more than anybody I know. If I could ever find a genie in a bottle or a magic wand, I would keep him this age forever. Time is just passing by too quickly!!!
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