Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day, so I wanted to make sure all the great fathers in my life are being recognized! My Dad, to begin with, is the most patient, caring, and loving dad in the world. That's a fact. ;) He helped raise 4 of us kids, and made sure we had everything we needed, and pretty much everything we wanted haha! He still does, to this day, even though his youngest is already 26. He loves and adores his grandson Logan, and is probably his biggest fan! He is always willing to take Logan for walks, or even just carry him up and down the stairs over and over, which Logan loves. He also came to the Fragile X Conference, to learn as much about his grandson as he can. He wears his Fragile X awareness bracelet every single day, without fail. We appreciate everything you do! Happy Father's Day Dad, aka Grampa! :)
 ^Grampa and Logan, at Logan's first baseball game :)

I also need to brag a little bit about Michael, Logan's daddy, and my significant other. He is a wonderful father to Logan, and is so patient and understanding with him. Michael is always the life of the party, and there is certainly never a dull moment whenever he's around! This is perfect for Logan, who sometimes needs a little "push" to do anything active. Michael and Logan have spent some of the best Saturday nights just horsing around and laughing until we all couldn't breathe. Logan absolutely adores his Daddy :)

When Michael and I met, we had no idea that I was a carrier of Fragile X Syndrome. We had no idea until Logan was 2 years old. When we were given the diagnosis (over the phone! Yeah, still a little bitter about that), we had no idea what Fragile X even was. We were both scrambling to find some information, to understand how our little boy could be "fragile"?! When we researched and found out it's a genetic syndrome that can cause significant developmental delays, saying it was heartbreaking news would be putting it lightly. When we realized Logan inherited the gene from me, Michael never once said anything about it. He has only focused on getting Logan the most help he can, rather than "who's fault this is". Sure, he has mentioned there are some things he's disappointed about, he always pictured his son being the captain of the football team, or driving a big lifted truck alongside him while they go off-roading. These things aren't impossible of course, but Michael has accepted the fact that they may not happen. Michael has also accepted that Logan needs extra help with things, and Michael has been there to help every step of the way. Michael knows that Logan's still not the sturdiest of walkers, and makes sure he always has Logan's hand, just in case. When he can tell that Logan's starting to get a little overwhelmed in public, he is a champion at distracting Logan and getting him to forget all about what's going on around him. Michael makes an effort to be at every doctor's appointment he can be, and helps with the physical therapy we've learned to do at home. If he feels a doctor, or anyone for that matter, has not given Logan everything he deserves, he doesn't hesitate for a second to tell them and defends Logan to the end. Michael even went to the playgroup at the therapy center, where he was the only dad in a room full of moms hehe! That's dedication! For being a first time dad, Michael has adapted extremely well to the extra challenges Fragile X Syndrome has brought into our lives. 

Logan and Michael are 2 peas in a pod, with their bright blue eyes, and their love of loud music! But especially, when it comes to eating. Oh my goodness, we never have a single crumb of leftovers in the house. Every day I'm still shocked at how much they can both eat in one sitting. I just remind them both, that one day all this yummy food they love eating will catch up with them...and I'm going to be more than ready to say, TOLD YOU SO! ;)

When Michael puts his mind to something, he doesn't quit until he's achieved his goal. (most of the time, anyway. If his goal is hanging up pictures that I asked him to hang, then that's a completely different outcome!) There was a week awhile back, when Logan was just having a tough time. He was very short-tempered, and realized Mommy and Daddy move really quick when he screams REALLY LOUD. Well, I was discussing this new screaming habit with his physical therapist. She suggested a place where Logan could go and be by himself, to cool off and calm down. He could read his books, or stare out the window, or whatever he feels he needs to do. The next day, Michael brought home a humungous double layer cardboard box from work. That same night, he constructed "Logan's place", a very sturdy playhouse, equipped with a light and light switch that Logan LOVES. I can't even tell you how many times we've used this house as a "cool down" place, and it works! Logan loves it, and even though we do put him in there when he's upset, it's not a punishment for him, and he doesn't seem to view it that way, he just knows it's "his" own little place. We love to go in there with him and read books before bedtime, he gets SO excited to share his house with Mommy and Daddy. I would say Michael did a pretty good job making sure Logan has a "cool down" place, which helps Logan, but most of all helps Mommy! :)
So Happy Father's Day to Michael, who has definitely stepped up and been the best dad he can be, even when life has thrown some curve balls our way. I appreciate the fact that he has been there for Logan, and for me, through all of the good times and bad. A lot of guys can't handle being a father, let alone a father to a special needs child, and Michael is doing an excellent job! Very deserving of the title DAD! :)
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