Thursday, October 17, 2013

Update On My Journey Through Motherhood

I've been a horrible blogger lately! I keep letting life get in the way. I'm going to get this blog up to date, it may take a few posts but I'm going to make sure I get it done! 

Logan is now in Kindergarten! He is in a functional core class (special education) for most of his school day, and he's now at school ALL DAY! I was so nervous for him to eat lunch at school, and be there for so long, but he loves it. He gets speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy while he's at school. His teacher is great, I feel completely comfortable talking to her, she never makes me feel like she doesn't have time to tell me about Logan. He is the first student out of his class to be included in the general education Kindergarten class, and he's doing really well! He starts his day with the Gen Ed class, doing their circle and calendar time for about 30 minutes, then he goes back to his functional core class. His teacher said the Gen Ed students love Logan and all say hi to him whenever they see him in the hallway. Unlike Logan they are only at school for half of the day, so they don't share recess or lunch or anything else unfortunately. He has, however, found a group of general education 3rd grade girls that he loves to hang out with at recess time, and they love hanging out with him! How cute is that? My little ladies man ;) 
Logan loves to copy. Especially other children. This is why I told his teacher he needs to be exposed to the "typical" Kindergarten children as much as possible. He copies them when they talk, sing, play, and now he even raises his hand and waits to be called on just like the other students! He never spoke or signed a single word until he started preschool when he was 3 and was exposed to the other children everyday. This is why inclusion in the general education class is so important for him, and luckily his teacher made it happen right away. He loves school and is so excited when he sees the bus coming to pick him up every morning! 

 1st Day of Kindergarten! 
Getting on the bus on his 1st Day!

Logan's Kindergarten picture! I'm not entirely sure if I like it, Logan loves to smile and this picture doesn't look like his normal smiley self! Picture retakes may be in our future!

Kendallyn is now 15 months old, and walking all over the place. She is definitely our little talker, she has a pretty large vocabulary! Her first word at 10 months was "Yay!"! Adorable right? She was saying 18 different words at her 1 year checkup, and now at 15 months she says around 30. She even says Thank You! One of her favorite times of day is picking up Brother from the bus after school. She and Logan love to watch the bus turn around in the cul-de-sac after it drops him off, they wave and wave until they can't see it anymore. She always says "Bye Bus!" just like Big Brother.

 Giving messy kisses :)
She broke into this bag of tortilla chips and was in heaven!

Another exciting thing going on with our family is that a spot opened up in hippotherapy for Logan! He's been on the waiting list since August of last year! He starts on the 25th and he will be SO excited. He did hippotherapy when he was 2.5 years old, and he loved it. In case you are wondering what the heck sort of therapy involves hippos, I'll explain :)
Hippotherapy is actually therapy on horseback. Logan rides without a saddle, so that he can get all the sensory input from the horse walking, and also so it will strengthen his core muscles since he has to hold himself straight without the help of a saddle. His speech therapist walks on one side holding his hip/leg while I walk on the other side also holding his hip/leg. Logan absolutely loves the horses, and it's a great motivator for him to speak & sign. He will have to say more, faster, go, etc. If you've never heard of hippotherapy, I suggest you look it up on YouTube and watch these horses with the children. The horses are so well behaved and well trained, and the kids usually make SO much progress with this therapy. It made me cry the first time I saw Logan and his horse Spud together, the horse is so gentle and patient with Logan and he made Logan so happy! When Logan got more comfortable with the horse after a few sessions, his therapist had the horse actually trot and Logan thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever experienced. He didn't want to stop!

That's most of what's been going on in our little Fragile X Family. We're getting ready for Halloween now, Logan pointed to an Angry Birds costume in the catalog when I asked him which one he liked, so I guess he'll be a big red Angry Bird for Halloween. :) We're hoping to go to a pumpkin patch soon so we can pick out all our pumpkins and get to carving! Pictures to come later! :)

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