Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Been awhile....

My 2 little babies are growing up so fast! They are both reaching new milestones every day. I love seeing them be able to accomplish something they've been working at, they get so proud of themselves! Kendallyn always says "You did it!" Cracks me up every time. I'm sure she'll learn the difference between You and I soon. :)
Logan is 6 years old, and in case you haven't read a single thing on this blog, (which you should! Go start at the beginning!) he has Fragile X Syndrome. This causes cognitive and some physical delays. We're working on milestones that many parents of 6 year olds haven't thought about in years (like potty training!). And that's ok, this is all part of what makes Logan who he is- which is a sweet, super funny, very social little guy. 

This past week Logan learned how to bathe himself, which is huge! He still needed a little help not missing any spots in his hair, but he can now wash his body by himself and so far hasn't missed any important areas ;) He knows which bottle is the soap and which is the shampoo, and has created his own little routine. This is all so important for creating independence. The life skills are what I get most excited about him learning. 
In therapy this week, Logan drew a plus sign AND a circle when prompted. This is huge if you know Logan at all, he used to HATE drawing, coloring, any sort of table work. Over the summer he started showing more interest when he saw Kendallyn coloring. Now he's willing to work on writing and drawing anytime he's asked, and his favorite is painting. He's starting to figure out tracing, which will be good for learning to write his name. Can't wait!

Kendallyn is 2 years old and is our little talker! She has started putting together sentences on her own, not just copied sentences. Her favorite one right now is "Go sit down Mommy!" So she can sit on my lap with a book and of course then she'll be read to. Her favorite thing in the world is being read to! Especially when her Grampa reads Cinderella, her ultimate favorite book. 
Can I just mention how STRONG this little girl is?? She loves doing pull-ups of any sort wherever she can! She can also lift & carry things that surprise Mommy everyday. 
Kendallyn has been showing a lot of interest in letters lately, and so far can recognize and point out every letter up through L! She has been working on singing the alphabet too, but only if she thinks nobody is listening except Brother. I will find a way to record her singing it, pretty sure it's the cutest thing in the world. Especially the end, she says "Now my no my ABC, time with me!" And claps. Adorable.

Both the kids are at such a fun age right now, it's awesome to watch them grow and learn. I love watching them play together too, Kendallyn copies Logan on certain things, and Logan copies her on other things. At one point Logan had then both marching around the house saying march! march! Follow me! While wearing bowls as hats and spoons as their marching batons. They're total BFF's! Fingers crossed it stays this way :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just Catching Up!

It's really been so long since I last blogged, I woke up last night and wanted to jump on my computer at 3am. Blogging used to be my therapy, blogging helped me process events and make important decisions. I don't know why I've been away so long! Life always gets in the way I guess.

It is September, 2014. My husband, Michael, and I now have a 6 year old and a 2 year old! Logan just started 1st grade! I swear, once you have children, life begins moving in fast forward! Honestly though, I'm loving the ages of my kids right now. Kendallyn is so independent, she wants to do everything herself and help in any way she can. She is talking in little sentences, and wants to know what everything is in her world around her. Logan can completely dress himself, all the way down to his shoes. He has learned to drink through a straw, which means no more sippy cups! He is not yet potty trained, but we're still working on it. He is also talking in short sentences, and even sings songs to Mommy and Baby Sister. Twinkle Twinkle is his favorite :)

Checkups! :)

Kendallyn can swing like a big girl!

Our first skate night!

Logan LOVES skating!

Logan completed another hippotherapy session last winter!

1st trip to the library


Kendallyn learned how to blow bubbles! 

Messy fun is the most fun!

Logan has a new therapist for OT and we LOVE her!

That's most of the major stuff that's happened since my last post (over a year ago!), and I will make a post later today about Logan and school. He is in 1st grade, and there's a definite love/hate relationship with our family and school! 

Be back soon! :)

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